Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review

Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review

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The P300 Advanced Platinum Series is among the most using led grow lights available in the market today. They have the highest PAR and a full 12 band spectrum to take of all the light requirements of the plants. They also have a very low heat output and give an efficient yield with very less power consumption. Almost 100 percent of the light emitted from it is used up by the plants in various photochemical functions. Hence, it produces no wastage like the cheaply made light bulbs which give off only a fraction of the useful PAR. Considering the essentials of Led grow light reviews, this one points out the features in details, the specs as well as the various pros and cons of the product.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 ReviewFeatures Of Advanced Platinum Series P300

Power consumption

The P300 has a total power consumption of 180 watts. However, even with this very low power consumption, it is able to replace a traditional 400W HPS light. There is no compromise on the emission of PAR, and it gives off lights of all wavelengths that are vital for plants during their various growth phases. With 100 percent of the light being used for photosynthetic functions, there is no wastage.


The P300 emits an optimal spectrum with all the 12 different. It emits all those wavelengths between the lower UltraViolet to the upper Infrared, required for a normal photosynthetic response.

Focusing lenses

The light comes together with lenses placed at 90 degrees that allow you to focus the light over the required patch even if the canopy seems to have grown quite tall. This helps to have a higher output.

Efficient cooling

Although a little bit of heat may assist during the growth phase, too much of it can cause sunburn, thereby affecting the growth. The P300 has two high-speed fans and highly advanced aluminum cooling sinks that allow for very quick and effective heat dissipation.


These lights have a very high PAR or lumen output. They are almost 2 to 3 times as intense as compared to other grow lights.


  • HID replacement
  • Have a dimension of 8.25 by 19 by 3 inches
  • Weigh a total of 13 lbs
  • Offer a core coverage of 3 by 2 feet and maximum coverage of 4.5 by 3.8 feet when placed at a height of 18 “
  • Uses LED units of 3W each
  • Features a total of 100 LED lights made in the US
  • The power drawn for vegetables is 93W and for bloom is 180 W
  • Voltage requirement – AC85V to 260V


  • Helps to maintain a lower temperature, thereby giving better yields
  • Does not use too much power
  • Does not deprive the plants of the wavelengths required for proper growth and fruition
  • Can be used for the vegetables as well as flowers
  • LED lights used are of the highest quality and give a good lasting


  • The lenses are not very efficient at focusing the light

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The P300 is categorized among the top rated led grow lights that can be used efficiently with hydroponics as well as potted plants. They emit a wide wavelength and do not cause any issues such as sunburns and stunted growth. The lights can be used with flowers as well as vegetables and have very low power consumption.

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