Top 10 Best Bat House You Can Buy In 2019

the best bat house

Bats are decreasing day by day in the woods and several other places. It is important to protect the bat population in order to decrease the mosquitoes, small insects and other germs in the local areas. A bat house is the best idea to protect the bats in your backyard or garden. You can also keep them as pets. Before choosing the best bat house, you should have the basic knowledge of its use. First of all, one must find the best place for the bat house in your backyard or garden. Apart from that, you must see the size, color, and material of the bat house.

the best bat house

Top 10 Best-rated Bat House Reviews

  1. Audubon Bat Shelter Model NABAT

Woodlink introduces best bat house made from good quality wood. This bat house is specifically made to attract bats in your backyard. The bat house is carved out of cedar wood and it can easily accommodate more than 20 bats at a time. The color of this bat house is light brown. It is constructed using zinc-plated deck screws and pre-drilled holes. The interior of bat house is made in such a way that it becomes easy for the bats to rest and hang. You can place this wood bat house near streams and lakes.


  • Good construction
  • Spacious bat house
  • Can be placed in the backyard or near lakes and ponds
  • Amazing color to attract bats


  • Less durable
  1. Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat House

The next on the list Looker Products brand. It makes some of the best bat houses with superior quality wood. This bat house is made from cedar wood. One of the most unique things in this bat house is that it has mounting holes on the top side. It is small in size and you can keep it easily in your backyard. The amazing design of this bat house will attract more than 300 bats. Apart from that, the mosquitoes will reduce in your garden as the bats will eat them all at night. It has a good color too.


  • Good ventilation gap for air flow
  • Beautiful design
  • Large size
  • Made from high-quality cedarwood
  • Approval from the organization


  • Short chambers
  1. Looker Songbird Single Chamber Bat House

Looker Products brand brings the medium size bat house specifically for your backyard. This bat house is made from rich quality cedar wood. It is water resistant and does not get decay because of snow or dew drops. This is the best bay house to buy if you want to get rid of mosquitoes in your garden and backyard. Further, the interior is made nylon mesh lines which keep the bats inside the house. With a space of more than 100 bats, the bat house is handcrafted. It has a wide entry gap too.


  • Strong construction of red cedar wood
  • Can be mounted on tree or building
  • It suits every type of bat.


  • It remains vacant sometimes
  • Costly product
  1. Heath Outdoor Products BAT-1D Deluxe Bat House

This is the best bat box from Heath Outdoor Products. It acts as pest control in your garden or backyard. Cedarwood is weather resistant and does not decay in rainfall too. Further, the bat house comes with mounting instructions and hardware. The elegant design of this bat house attracts bats and decreases the number of mosquitoes. Apart from that, the bat house has an easy entry for bats and they can cling or rest. Over 20 bats can easily stay in this bat house. It is lightweight with only 3.75 pounds.


  • Good smell
  • Ideal for gifts to friends and family members
  • Affordable
  • Durable and does not decay in any weather


  • It takes time to assemble and disassemble
  1. Nature’s Way Bird Products Cwh6 Triple Chamber Cedar Bat House

Created from cedar wood, this bat house kit from Nature’s Way Bird Products can accommodate approximately 300 bats at a time. Nylon mesh gives comfort to the bats for hanging or resting. The bat house does not get rust or decayed by water or snow. Furthermore, the stainless steel screws give durability to this bat house. Apart from that, it is safe for the bats. Also, the bat house removes the bat’s foot easily. In addition to that, the bats can rest in groups in this bat house. Your garden and backyard will be free from mosquitoes within a few days.


  • Big size bat house
  • Stunning design
  • Durable and safe for bats
  • Good for every kind of bat
  • Keeps away mosquitoes


  • Little costly
  • Small screws
  1. OBC Endorsed Triple Chamber Bat House

The next on the list is one of the most excellent bat houses from Uncle Dunkel’s brand. It is made with hands using best quality natural materials. You can place this bat house near the tree barks or ponds. The unique design of this bat house attracts the bats. It can easily hold up to 300 and more bats at one time. This single chamber bat house can protect your garden and lawn from mosquitoes. In addition to that, the bat house is approved by the organization for bat conservation. It has a good size and shape.


  • Large size bat house
  • Interiors made with a polyethylene mesh
  • Easy to install a bat house
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Poor quality screws
  1. Kenley Bat House

You think a lot before buying a bat house for your backyard. Kenley Bat House has a beautiful interior to attract bats. The external part of the bat house gives ease to bats for landing and roosting. The cedar wood can resist sunrays, rainwater, and even snow. It acts as natural pest control for small insects and mosquitoes as bats eat them at night. The interior is quite spacious to hold many bats at one time. Furthermore, the skerfs and platform make it simple for the bats to land. The color of the bat house is very beautiful.


  • Easy to install
  • It can be used for any kind of bat
  • It has a medium size and solid construction
  • Perfect for gardens and backyard or near lakes and ponds


  • Improper dimensions
  • Poor workmanship
  1. Holley Large Three Chamber Bat House

Holley brings one of the best bat house kits with innovative design. Carved out of Ohio Hard Pinewood, this bat house is weather resistant. The color and pattern of the bat house can attract several bats. Further, the pine wood is shaped using a fire-hardening process which increases the life of the bat house. The uniqueness of bat house design will enhance the look of your backyard, lawn or garden. In addition to that, the logos used in the making of the bat house is branded and not painted ones. It weighs only 8 pounds.


  • Lightweight and weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Good quality pine wood
  • Latest design
  • Easy to install as well as use in the backyard


  • Cheap staples
  1. Bat House Kit by Woodside Gardens

The next on the list is Bat House Kit by Woodside Gardens. This brand offers the best bat house design for gardens and backyards. It is from high-quality red cedar wood which does not get corroded even in snowfall or heavy rains. Mounting of this bat house is extremely simple and it has the measurement of only 14″ x 6″. The slanting design of the bat house attracts bats naturally. You can place the bat house in lawns, gardens, and backyards or near streams, lakes, and ponds. Furthermore, the interior and exterior of the bat house are ideal for landing and resting of bats.


  • Lightweight with only 2 pounds
  • Fast delivery of the product
  • Easy assembling of parts
  • Weather resistant cedar wood


  • Very small in size
  • Wood splits often
  1. Belfry HaBABat Premium Cedar Bat House

Belfry brings the best bat houses to be placed behind your house. It is made from fine quality cedar wood that does not decay due to rain or snow. You can mount the bat house on pole, house or tree trunk. There is an easy place for clinging. The interior of the bat house is very elegant for the bats to stay. It can hold more than 25 bats easily. In addition to that, the bat house does not contain plywood or particle board. By placing this bat house, you can keep away small insects and mosquitoes away from garden and backyard.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation process
  • Good quality screws for mounting
  • Handcrafted with cedar wood
  • Amazing interior and exterior
  • Durable and weather resistant


  • Too small for large gardens
  • Smells bad over the time

How To Choose The Best Bat House?

Are you thinking to have a bat house in his backyard or garden? Buying a perfect bat house for your garden is easy but the trick is, you need to consider a few major points.

  • The Chambers

Bat houses are available in single and multiple chambers. It is better to choose the bat house with multiple chambers. This is because it can hold up to 200 bats. Moreover, the bat house with multiple chambers is deep for the bats to rest and cling properly. Selection of the bat house depends on the purpose. If you just want to attract bats, select the bat house with a single chamber. On the other hand, you must choose the bat house with multiple chambers if it is for the purpose of breeding. If you want a cheap bat house, choose a single chamber.

  • The Size

Before you buy a bat house for your backyard, see the size. Bats generally like coming to big size bat houses. You must also see bat house dimensions while purchasing a bat house. The average length of the bat house must be 20 inches and width must be 12 inches. In addition to that, bat requires more space for landing and if you select small size bat house, the bats avoid coming to it. Besides this, you can select the medium size bat house also to attract the bats in large number. They like big bat houses for resting and clinging.

  • The Material

Wood is the most popular material used in the making of bat houses. They are available in many types of woods such as cedar, pine, and others. Cedarwood is the most perfect material for the bat house. It is weather resistant and does not smell bad even after years. Apart from that, cedar wood is lightweight and gives nice finishing to the bat house. Even the Natural resources department suggest buying houses made from cedar wood. If you want to enjoy long term benefits, avoid buying the bat house made from pine, oak or plywood as they get corroded.

  • The Shape

It is necessary to know how to hang a bat house in the backyard or garden. It is only then after which you can know what does a bat house look like? There are many shapes available in the bat house. They are cubic, wedge-shaped and cylindrical. It is important to know where to mount the bat house in your garden. As per the shape of the bat house, you can know exactly where to put the bat house. Besides that, the ventilation holes should be small in size as bats love compressed spaces to stay or cling.

  • The Interior

When you purchase the bat house, see to it that the interior of the houses is not very smooth or slippery. Bats cannot climb easily and so they need rough and uneven surfaces to cling and rest. You can choose bat house with rough surface, protrusions and nylon net. The interior of the bat house must be comfortable for the bats to rest. It is then possible to gather many bats in your garden or backyard. Apart from that interior of the bat house should have good construction for the bats to stay, cling, and rest.

  • The Color

Colors of the bat houses depend on the temperatures. You must select black and dark brown colored bat house if the temperature is below 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature in between 85 to 95 Fahrenheit, choose the light colors. If it goes beyond 95 Fahrenheit, white color is the best one. Dark colors suck more heat whereas light colors keep the temperature cool in the bat house. During the summer season, you must select the light colors whereas dark colors are ideal for the winter season. Moreover, the colors must attract the bats to your garden, house or backyard.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang The Bat House?

First, you should find the best location for the bat house. You should keep the bat house at a higher place above the ground. Bats love to stay in warm places and so you should keep the bat house in a hot place. Bat houses mounted on the trees do not attract bats as they can be caught by other animals for the purpose of food. In addition to that, you must place the bat house in bright sunlight if you stay in colder regions. The ideal places for mounting the bat houses are pole, side of the building and backyard.

If you stay in hotter regions, it is easy to mount the bat house at any place near lakes, streams, and ponds. You can also select the sides of your residential apartments and secluded apartments to mount the bat house. You must keep a gap of at least 15 to 20 feet between the ground and bat house. This will make it simpler for the bats to come and rest, cling or relax in the house. Nowadays, bat houses are easy to install with the help of stainless screws and nails.

Benefits Of A Bat House

Before we jump to the benefits of a bat house, we must know what is a bat house? In simple words, it is the house where bats come and stay. Let us discuss its benefits.

  1. Protection To Bats

The species of bats are reducing daily due to various reasons. You can help to stop their extinction by hanging a bat house in your backyard. A bat house will help the bats to roost and stay safely without danger of animals. Further, if you want to breed the bats, buying a good quality bat house is a nice decision. Bats will be attracted in bat houses. They will cling and rest for many hours in the bat house.

  1. Natural Pesticide

Your garden or backyard contains many insects, mosquitoes and other tiny creatures. Bats eat them at night and your backyard will clean it. As a result, you will get the hygienic backyard and garden by installing a bat house.

  1. Good Fertilizer

If you want to grow some plants in your lawn or garden, a bat house is a good decision. The bats will help in spreading the seeds throughout the lawn, garden, and backyard. Within a few weeks, you will get many plants.

How To Attract The Bats?

If you want to set up a bat colony, there are few tips you must keep in mind. They are as follows:

  1. Keep The Water Source

Bats get attracted to the places which have water sources. These mammals lose weight in one day. They need more water to stay alive. It is also suggested by the Bat conservation department to set up a bat colony near the lakes, streams or ponds to attract the bats.

  1. Set Up A Bat House

Installing a bat house is the easiest way to attract bats. You can buy a cedar wood or pine bat house for your garden or side of the building. Choose a single chamber or multiple chambered bat house.

  1. Grow More Flowers In The Garden

Bats get attracted to beautiful gardens. You must grow different types of flowers in your garden such as marigold, dahlia, thyme, and raspberry. These flowers will attract more insects and it will further make the way for the bats.

In addition to this, you must find the spots where the bats are found in a higher number. You can then set up a bat colony at that place for attracting more bats.


  1. How to remove wasps and flies from the bat house?

Answer: You should spray more water in the bat house to remove the wasps. Water spray will not affect the bats too.

  1. When to install the bat house in your garden or lawn?

Answer: There is no specific time to install a bat house. You can set it at any time of the year.

  1. Does the waste accumulate under the bat house?

Answer: Yes, there will be some droppings under the bat house. But if you place it above the plants, you need have to clean the space.

  1. Which colors should be used to paint the bat house?

Answer: It depends on the location where you stay. If you stay in colder places, take dark colors to pain the bat house as they will absorb heat. On the other hand, if you live in hotter regions, select light colors which keep the bat house cool for the bats.

  1. Do I have to assemble the parts of the bat house or is it already assembled?

Answer: It comes preassembled and also with predrilled holes if you want to mount it on pole or side of buildings.


This is the article on the bat house and how do bat houses work. These factors are vital before making an investment in the bat house. Now, the question is where can you buy a  good bat house? You can find in on online shopping sites such as Amazon and Wallmart. There are many bat houses for sale from which you can buy your favorite ones. Apart from this, you should also read bat house reviews to know the best one. You should know the bat house location near your house and then purchase it. You can help the bats by installing a simple bat house.