30 Must Try Chicken Recipes Around The World

30 Must Try Chicken Recipes Around The World - Guide For Shoppers

Chicken recipes are quite common and popular and each one is so mouth-watering that you can never really have enough of it. And the best part about chicken is that it can be readily paired with almost any food including rice, noodles, tacos, flatbread and much more, thus offering umpteen recipe options for foodies. The options are so enormous that you will find something to suit your taste buds every time you get a chicken craving. Given below are 30 of the Best Chicken Recipes from all over the world, that you should definitely give a try, at least once.

  1. Ricardo’s star anise and honey glazed chicken

A popular baked chicken dish that is made with boneless chicken breasts. Before putting in the oven, the chicken is brushed with the rich marinade on all sides and left to cook till all the juices are absorbed by the meat. This leaves the meat all soft and tender with an exotic aroma of all the spices. This taste is further alleviated by the honey glazing which also gives it a deep, appetizing color.

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the best spicy chicken recipes from India. It is very rich in spices and comes with thick gravy. Bread is an ideal choice with Chicken Tikka Masala as it soaks up all the flavors of the gravy and allows you to relish the flavor in depth.

  1. Roast chicken enchilada suiazs stacked casserole

This creamy casserole comes from Mexico. It is a stacked layer of shredded chicken, tortillas and delicious fillings, finally topped off with Swiss cheese. It is a culinary delight perfect for satisfying an entire family. This is one of the most popular chicken casserole recipes and serves as a great seller for parties and get-togethers.

  1. Lemon Grass Wings

These are grilled chicken wings rubbed with lemongrass and freshly chopped cilantro to give your taste buds a kick. The chicken is marinated before being grilled, which allows the flavor to seep into the wings. This Asian dish is very easy to prepare and serves as a great appetizer.

  1. Kickin’ Chicken Kiev

It is a classic dish from Russia made using very simple ingredients. It has a very rich buttery taste to it and can be very comforting, especially when taken with freshly mashed potatoes. The dish uses good quality garlic butter to bring out the flavor of the chicken.

  1. Chicken Tamales

Chicken Tamales is a traditional Mesoamerican dish prepared by steaming chicken stuffed dough wrapped in corn husks. They are packed with delicious chicken flavor and are also very filling. They are served with freshly made salsa.

  1. Butter chicken and naan bread

It is another finger licking dish from India. The chicken is prepared in a thick sauce, using very mild spices. The spices are so chosen that instead of being overpowering, they bring out the rich, velvety flavor in the chicken. This dish is usually taken together with naan, a leavened bread that has a very soft texture and is made using special ovens. The combination will just melt into your mouth.

  1. Poulet au paprika

The poulet au paprika is a classic Hungarian dish with a somewhat French twist to it. The dish uses chopped peppers, paprika, fennel and tomato to concoct a creamy, tangy sauce with just a little bit of spicy kick to it. This is one of the tastiest that you can easily try at home using all the commonly used ingredients.

  1. Chilaquiles

The Chilaquiles comes from Mexico. It is a casserole made using eggs, salsa, tortilla chips and topped over with cheese. The tortilla chips are lightly fried in this dish. This would serve better as a snack than a main course. This is a rather exotic dish and definitely deserves a place in the popular chicken recipes around the world.

  1. Mole Rojo

The Mole Rojo is a Mexican chicken dish made with a mix of vegetables and spices, including garlic, onion, pepper, groundnut and sesame seeds, cooked until thick and creamy. Sometimes, a small amount of sweet chocolate is also added towards the end towards the end of the preparation.

  1. Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana is one of the most eating chicken dishes from Italy. It consists of a good quality chicken breast that has been breaded and topped with cheese and tomato sauce. The cheese used for the topping includes Parmesan, mozzarella or provolone. If you have got a knock on Italian food, there is every reason for adding this to your healthy dinner chicken recipes.

  1. Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin is a classic French dish that may sound quite fancy. However, it uses a very simple recipe and basically consists of braised chicken prepared with lardons, mushrooms, garlic, and wine. This is one of those international exotic chicken dishes that not only look great but are a special treat to your taste buds.

  1. Grilled Jerk Rubbed Chicken with Habanero-mint glaze

Looking for a chicken dish that has a unique flavor to it? Then, try this recipe from Bobby Flay. It is prepared with grilled chicken covered with habanero mint glaze and homemade jerk rub.

  1. Piri Piri Chicken with Slaw

The Piri Piri chicken comes from Portugal. It uses chilies, red wine, garlic, and oil and is cooked until charred. It is a spicy chicken dish and can be served with tangy slaw and flatbread. The flatbreads keep the heat from being too offsetting. This is one of the delicious Chicken Recipes if you are looking for a spicy, tangy twist.

  1. Lupita’s Tlayudas

Lupita’s Tlayudas is almost like a Mexican version of the Calzone or pizza. It is topped with tasajo, which is a kind of beef, shredded chicken, pork, pork lard, avocado, lettuce, refried beans, chicharron, tomato, salsa, and Oaxaca cheese. The toppings can also be adjusted as per the preferences. This is one of those chicken recipes that are easy to make and offer a divine treat for the taste buds.

  1. Moroccan Stew with Preserved lemon

The Moroccan stew is made with a thick and heavy sauce. It uses a lot of aromatic spices and uses chopped preserved lemon towards the end, which cuts down the richness of the curry and also adds a tangy taste to it. This counts as one of the best international chicken dishes. Once you try it, you will surely be left drooling for more.

  1. Texas-style fried chicken

Coming straight from Texas, this is surely a savory American style chicken recipe. The fried chicken is made using a batter of thick buttermilk and tastes unlike anything else. It is served together with a honey dipping sauce which only makes the fries more appetizing.

  1. Singapore Chicken Curry

The Singapore Chicken dish is a unique dish. It is rather rich and pungent and serves as a great people pleaser. It is very easy to prepare and is a perfect choice for get-togethers. It is made using the Crazyweed curry powder, but can also be replaced for other curry powders of your choice.

  1. Timeless Thai Curry

It is a traditional Thai Curry made using all the authentic Thai spices. It is not a clutter of different flavors, but ha a rather refined taste. The curry will leave you drooling in no time. The flavor comes out in the finest form when served with rice noodles and garnished with cashews, mint, basil and Greek yogurt.

  1. Melt in your mouth chicken breast

This recipe combines the flavors of cheese, mayonnaise, pepper and garlic over the chicken breasts. The flavor is so rich that it just melts in your mouth. This has been one of the world famous chicken breast recipe for a long time. The taste is so divine that it could even befit the culinary gods.

  1. Sesame chicken

The sesame chicken is rather sweet than spicy and is made using deeply fried chicken thighs, which is then dressed in a semi-thick, translucent sauce made from a combination of vinegar, cornstarch, sake and a few other ingredients. In the end, it is sprinkled with sesame, which adds the final definition to the dish.

  1. Caramelized baked chicken

Caramelized baked chicken is another one of the famous baked chicken recipes that you can easily try at home. It uses only the basic ingredients such as honey, garlic, soy sauce, ketchup, salt, oil, and pepper so as not to overpower the flavor. The chicken is then baked until the sauce gets caramelized. The taste is unlike any other baked chicken dish you have ever tasted.

  1. Chicken Parmesan

If you are not very fond of the spicy, tangy and oily chicken dishes, then this is for you. The chicken Parmesan uses very light spices and is prepared over low heat, which preserves the flavors perfectly. It has the chicken pieces covered in melted Parmesan and should be ideally served with plain spaghetti.

  1. Chicken masala

Chicken masala has a soft buttery taste, combined with the rich taste of mushrooms. The flour coating used over the chicken breast preserves all the juices and flavors inside. It uses thing else other than some oregano, pepper, and salt, all of which go perfectly well with the buttery taste. Sometimes, a little bit of wine or sherry is also used to sharpen the taste a little.

  1. Southern fried chicken

The fried chicken is made using black pepper and hot red pepper, which lends it a spicy touch. Eggs are used in the batter which helps in deepening the flavor. Since they are fried in peanut oil, the taste is somewhat different to other fried chicken.

  1. Easy mustard chicken

Made of a slab of the soft chicken breast, crunchy from its outer layer of breadcrumbs and then seasoned with salt and pepper, the easy mustard chicken is a delicious dish. Before going into the frying pan, it is coated with mustard sauce on both the sides which gives it a fresh taste. Squeezing just a little lime just before eating can bring out its finest flavor.

  1. Crockpot stuffed chicken rolls

This recipe uses chicken breasts, which are then rolled with some ham inside. The recipe also uses cheese which makes it more appetizing. When you cut into the rolls, you get a blast of sage, paprika, salt, pepper, cheese, and chicken all at once. It is a sensation to your taste buds.

  1. Oven fried chicken chimichangas

A tortilla roll with fillings made from chicken, cumin, oregano, onions, and picante salsa makes the chicken chimichangas. The rolls are brushed with some margarine before being baked till brown. The rolls taste just as great as they look. They are served together with some cheese, green onion, and salsa.

  1. Crockpot cream cheese chicken

A popular creamy chicken dish which is cooked for about 4 to 6 hours on very low heat, which leaves the chicken all tender and full of flavor. It uses Italian salad dressing, butter, and sautéed onion and is cooked until the broth turns smooth. This is one of the famous chicken recipes from western cooking.

  1. Hawaiian chicken kabobs

The Hawaiian chicken kabobs are served together with unsweetened pineapple chunks, mushroom chunks, and cherry tomato, which are all skewered together. The ingredients are seasoned with garlic, mustard, green pepper, brown sugar, soy sauce and ground ginger. This is an entirely different take on chicken, and a must try for all.


These are the best chicken recipes, specially handpicked to widen the range of culinary take on this one favorite food of all. Whether it be fries, soup, nuggets, or just about anything, chicken is that sole food item which never happens to fail to surprise us. If so, then why not venture out and take the taste buds on tour. Whether you love your chicken cheesy, spicy, this list has it all. These are some of the most popular recipes and come in surprisingly delightful flavors. Even with just one dish to indulge in a week, you will have plenty to keep yourself busy for a long time.