How To Season A New Smoker? | Full Guide Of Seasoning Electric Smoker


Do you love meat?

Then you must have surely bought an electric smoker for smoking various vegetables and different types of meats for an evening dinner with friends and family members.

Are you aware of the process of curing & seasoning the electric smoker? Whenever you buy a new electric smoker, you have to know how to season an electric smoker to season it properly.

How to season a new smoker?
How To Season An Electric Smoker?

Reasons To Season A New Electric Smoker Are As Follows:

Summary of Seasoning Electric Smoker

Seasoning electric smoker for the first time means to give rest to the inner chamber of industrial oil and to remove any harmful substance present in it since its manufacturing process. The popularity of electric smokers is increasing each day, especially among youngsters. Seasoning a smoker for the first time is very important step whenever you buy a new because during the production, the industries do not pay much attention to its seasoning and it is the duty of the customers to season it.

Necessary To Season Electric Smoker

When the industries manufacture the electric smokers, they do not clean them and bulk production may often leave them unclean. There are some toxic substances or industrial oil left in the inner chamber which should be removed otherwise they may affect badly to your health. It also does not provide flavors to the food if not cured it in an effective manner.

Get Ready To Season The Electric Smoker

Once you got how to season a new smoker. The first step is to remove the newly brought electric smoker from the packet and choose an open space such as a backyard or garage for seasoning it. It is essential to select a superior quality smoker for best results. You just need to check whether an electric smoker works properly or not then you can step ahead.

seasoning a smoker for the first timeTurn On An Electric Smoker

Now, you have to switch on the electric smoker after checking. There is a power button which you have to hold and press one time. The different models have different working styles. After turning on the power button, let the electric smoker start working in an effective way.

Preheat The Smoker

If you follow all the steps in a proper manner, you will definitely get nice flavored meat. After turning on the smoker, you have to preheat it for some time which is again an important step in curing and seasoning process. The next step is to keep the temperature to 275 degrees for about 3 hours. This process will remove all the harmful substances and oils which were present in the inner chamber of the smoker which will give a perfect taste of the meat. Preheating the electric smoker will also remove the bad smell which can spoil the meat.

Important Step

Now, there is again a twist in the story. Each step in the process of seasoning an electric smoker for the first time is necessary without you can never imagine juicy and delicious meat. When you are preheating the smoker, keep the temperature to 275 degrees which will eliminate all the harmful particles from the inner chamber. You will require some wood chips to simplify the process of preheating the electric smoker. These wood chips clean the electric smoker and make it fit for preparing the meat and vegetables.

Kinds Of Wood Chips

Generally, all the consumers choose either a Mesquite wood chip or Maple wood chips in the process of seasoning electric smoker. You will the similar flavor and smell of meat by using these both wood chips. After the electric smoker is preheated for 2 hours, you have to put these wood chips inside it.

Method Of Using Wood Chips In The Electric Smoker

There are wood chips tray in every electric smoker which can be pulled by a knob or a lever. It is very simple to pull this tray without any difficulty. Now, put the wood chips in this tray which will let you smoke your lovely meat. Pick few wood chips for seasoning of the electric smoker and put them in the tray.

The Final Words

Turn off the power of electric smoker after 3 hours and when the wood chips get burnt. You have to take extreme care while opening the inner chamber as there is a large amount of smoke of burnt wood chips. Take a clean cloth and rub the bars. Now, your highest rated electric smoker is ready to be used. This process is not to be done again and again. The seasoning of the electric smoker will give authentic flavored meat without mixing all the flavors.

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